Friday, August 4, 2017

"Alexa, what's my MECE Muse Unplugged flash briefing?"

Excited to announce that The MECE Muse Unplugged Podcast show launched an Alexa skill today that adds MECE Muse Unplugged episodes to the audio flash briefings for Amazon Echo device users.

With weekly show updates, users will be able to keep up with the latest episodes of this pop-up podcast. Audio will also be available to other Amazon Echo device owners.

Amazon Alexa users can now listen to the new MECE Muse Unplugged podcast on all Amazon Alexa products, including the Echo Show, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Amazon Echo.

Friday, July 14, 2017

John Robinson, Founder of Backup CEO on The MECE Muse Unplugged

What happens when an individual stays in a job, career, or with a company that may not be fulfilling, but they are addicted to the influence, credibility, and prestige that being associated with a particular company or role provides? 

Or...sometimes people stay stagnant based on sunk costs (i.e., “I’ve already spent so many years doing X or working at X, it would be a big risk to do something different or take too much time to build back up.”) 

Many individuals hold onto name brands, titles, or “logos” instead of seeking a career path that is truly meaningful to them or working at a company that aligns with their personal values. 

Fear of the unknown keeps them stuck, guilt keeps them feeling shameful. It’s a vicious, paralyzing cycle. And it's rarely discussed. 

How can you detach from the titles or logos and focus on what really matters for your life? Set yourself free. 

Life is not a dress rehearsal...this is it. 

You have one shot with an unknown end date. 

While it might be scary to let go, sometimes it takes a life detox to unlock your potential and find your true journey to greatness. 

John Robinson, Founder of BackUp CEO, a CEO leadership coaching service, weighs in and shares his own personal experiences in episode 7 of The MECE Muse Unplugged podcast show.

Check out the podcast website for more information and contact information for John.